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Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt as if you've known them forever, or wish you had? Have you ever had a feeling of comfort and safety with someone you had just begun to know? Have you ever experienced an individual whose optimism and peaceful energy invites you to trust immediately and be vulnerable?  Do you have a desire to walk along someone who has compassion and strength to move gracefully through life's hurdles and celebrations?  Have you ever wanted a friend that’s outside your ‘normal’ circle of friends that allows you to be you, can speak truth, in love, to help you become aware of what might be blocking you from your purpose or ambitions?  I have.  Meet Lin.  It’s been a gift to watch and be fulfilled by Lin’s soul work.  Her articulate way of moving through practices, work and conversations with such a caring heart is a testimony to God’s spirit, I believe.  It’s an honor to call her friend, inspiring to have her as a coach and empowering as she shares her experience with me.  My favorite thing…I love how Lin is true to herself, is humbly confident and calls us up, to love ourselves in the same manner, inside and out.

Debi Taylor

Individual Coaching Session

Linda Anderson is truly a Spiritual Life Coach, and from the depths of her soul, committed to helping her clients create a life that is meaningful, positive, abundant, uncluttered, and happy.  Her incorporation of the lessons of Abraham Hicks have been transformative in my life and the lives of those around me.  She is generous in sharing her knowledge and resources, provides gentle guidance with firm accountability. Her methods don't ignore the past, but help put any painful experience into perspective and softens them, while really focusing on creating a positive path for where you go from here. Working with Linda has helped me understand that to "re-feel" the feelings in sharing the painful experiences keeps me locked in feeling bad all over again.  I want to feel good and in planning the good things I want in my life, I feel good and "place my order" with the universe.  "You'll see it when you believe it"...it's a major shift that takes seeing the contrast of what I don't want, hit "delete" when I find negative thoughts coming in, and "cut and paste" with what I want more of in my life.  I want to be a magnet for all good things in life, and Linda is teaching me that I deserve them and can create whatever I desire in my life.


Individual Coaching Session

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Linda Anderson as a professional organizer and spiritual life coach.  As a mother of college age fun-loving, fashionista daughters, I enjoy having a couple grown up Barbies who love to shop, share clothes, play with my clothes and accessories.  Over the years, as they have outgrown items, we were quick to either have "hand me downs" from the oldest to youngest, have a garage sale or donate them. It became more challenging for the youngest, who really loves to be a stylist and coordinates her outfits like she works for Teen Vogue.  She had quite a collection, since she has been the same size for the last four years, but it really become overwhelming for her. Linda’s use of the “KonMari” Method –keep only what, “Sparks Joy," and her gentle spirit was just the ticket to get my daughter on track. Linda's caring insight as a spiritual life coach came into play as we all tend to have emotional attachments to our things.  It became a question, "does it spark joy?"  As a witness to some of the process, joy or not joy was evident on my daughter's face.  When she was torn, it became a "maybe", but overall, it got easier for her to discern for herself and Linda helped keep the progress moving forward. As strong emotions came up randomly with memory triggers, Linda helped her work through those on the spot. Eight giant trash bags were delivered to Salvation Army, with big blessings that her items will "spark joy" for their new owners.  "Blessed to be a blessing to others" was my way to release the items with love too, and not be caught up in thinking of what kind of cash could be generated by a garage sale, or an E-Bay store, etc.  The freedom came from quickly deciding, then quickly moving forward into the letting them be a blessing to someone new. Linda's help was invaluable and definitely provided a peaceful solution to what had been a point of contention for my lovely fashionista daughter and me. 

A Grateful Mom!

Home Coaching Session

Thank you so much for everything you did with me. The art of tidying up helped so much to clear my mind and bring me joy every day. It means so much to me that you spent your weekend helping me get rid of all that didn’t bring me joy anymore. It was difficult at times to let go of the items that I have collected over the years, but it is a magical feeling to let go of it.


When you first brought this life change idea up to me, it sounded awesome. I never thought I would feel so good to let go of so much that had occupied my space for so long. It has always been hard for me to let go of things, even as a child. As a result, clutter occupied my life. I didn’t think about how much of a change getting rid of the mess would be, so I just let everything stay. Linda, you helped me get rid of stuff I didn’t even know I had. It was an incredible relief to get all of the items holding a negative energy out of my space. Life has become lighter and I have found much more joy.


This process didn’t only bring more joy to my life, it also helped me to practice my decision making. I’ve always been a very indecisive person, but it was so wonderful to see my improvement over the weekend. In the beginning, it was hard to decide what brought me joy, and what didn’t. But as the weekend progressed, I was able to look at something and make a decision.  It felt so good, just like everything else.


Thank you again Linda


LP -college student

Home Coaching Session

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