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Want to End the Victim Game? Embody Your Soul Power


Pondering on Being a Past ‘Victim’
to Now Embodying My Soul Power

Nothing Impacts Me without my consent. Nothing.


Only if I choose to let it, or let him, or her, or them…


All of those years of listening to the wrong voices, the external voices, especially my own ego voice.


When I listen to these voices and believe them ...
I then believe I have no consent, no choices, no power.
I feel helpless, powerless, depressed … hopeless.


Voices telling me I’m the victim. Look what he/she/they did to me…


People, things, circumstances ... are doing this to me... and I buy into it… and I believe it.




I come to realize things and people ... only impact me






‘He’s violating my boundaries’…

NO. I’m violating my boundaries - Really? Me?



I actually violate my own boundaries when I ALLOW

someone else to violate my boundaries!


Again, What?! Crazy talk?!


Did someone have a gun to my head? Hmm, No.

I ‘thought’ I was powerless to do anything about it.. But in actuality, I did allow it to occur. I did actually let it happen.




If I allowed it ... then I can allow for something else too!


So I began to disengage from the voices that disempowered me.


And I began listening to a clearer, truer, loving, empowering voice..

A voice from deep within..


I began listening to My Soul…. And the Power Shifts.


Your True Power Comes from Within.

Your True Power comes from syncing up with and embodying your soul power.


As I began syncing with My Soul, I began building up my True Power.

I began collaborating with My Soul and I began deliberately creating my lifein what sometimes appears to others to be magical and miraculous.


And it does feel like that when you live a soul synced life!


Yet, it is natural and it is our unconditional birthright to sync up and create with our Soul, and live an awesomely empowered, phenomenal life!



Consent comes from a new empowering space.

Can you begin to imagine what it looks and feels like in your life...to POWER UP WITH YOUR SOUL …

Instead of disempowering down with your self-limiting, ego voices and beliefs?


What are you consenting to and who are you consenting with?


Who are you syncing up and embodying.. Your ego or your soul?


Which one feels better?


Could it be your time to finally give yourself your consent to have the life you want and are fully worthy and deserving of?


Consent to an empowered, soul-synced life. A soul-embodied incredible life that you can live right now.


Watch your life ignite and soar.


Give yourself permission. This is your time.









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