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Walking a Bridge - Thoughts on the Day of My Divorce



Tuesday, October 4, 2016, my divorce was finalized and official. I was filled with varied deep emotions as you can imagine ...


After the court hearing, my attorney Ric asked me what was I going to do? Was I going to go be with friends? I told him I was going to go pick out deck wood at Lowe's for my new porch. I actually was excited about this because it was going to be part of my new chapter. He shook his head and rolled his eyes and said, “You have to do something symbolic to recognize this day…”

Let me back up at this point of the story. It is important to know the why behind what he said to me. 


A week prior we had been talking. We had actually become very dear friends during this time in my life. Ric said to me, "So! next Tuesday, finally get to cut the cord."  Ick. Ewe! I hate statements like that! I told him, “No, I'm not cutting a cord, I'm walking across the bridge to my next chapter.” This statement feels so much better to me and how I would choose to see it for my life, as well as, for others going through similar situations.


Now back to the moment of talking after the divorce finalization. Ric then said,"I know! Go walk over a bridge!" Go walk across Pearl Street Bridge as your ceremonial passage. Hmm, I liked that. Then he said, "No! Go walk across the Ada Bridge into your new life!" God, I love him.  So I did.


The day of my divorce was a beautiful, sunny afternoon. I walked over by the baseball field, took a few moments, made my intentions for how I wanted this next chapter to be and feel, snapped a few pics of the river and the covered bridge and walked through it. And it was magical, and it was amazing.


Not only did I walk across a bridge to the next chapter in my life, I also walked over a 'clear stream,' and with the street lanterns lit up, there was light on the other side. Amazing and Wow.


Of course there is grief when you say goodbye to a former chapter, a way of living, a way of being.  


The light and lightness on the other side though?

Need I say more.


We all have to walk a bridge from time to time, yes?

Walking out of one chapter and into another …


Is there a bridge you are needing to walk over?

Have you been contemplating a tough decision,
maybe even agonizing over it?


I cannot tell you how crucial it is to get healthy support, build up your own inner power, know that if you love yourself at all, even if you are fearful, it is what you must do …







There are many reasons for needing/wanting to move into a new chapter. Staying in one that keeps you down, depressed, anxious, feeling guilty, feeling shame …  disempowers you. It amplifies and only makes it worse. It doesn’t necessarily mean the new chapter for you is divorce. It could mean walking a bridge into better ways of relationships with the one you’re already with. You won’t know until you walk the bridge of a new way of being for yourself.


You must take the first step!


I am feeling deep love and appreciation for all of those who have walked this journey with me, supporting me, loving me, encouraging me, empowering me ... and still are.


I’m absolutely optimistic as to my future and yours.

There is always Light taking us into a new chapter.

Be willing to open up to the possibilities and ...



My coaching helps you ‘walk across the bridge,’
with more surety, clarity, hopefulness, confidence, empowerment,

renewed self-love and self worth.

You do have the right to be happy. You do!


It is a deep passion, very dear to my heart, to walk this walk with you.

I’ve been through it. I get it.

Not only have I made it to the other side, I am thriving and truly loving my life!


Come ‘walk’ into Ada.

My door is wide open.








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