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Student and Athlete Empowerment Coaching Now Available









Student and Athlete Empowerment Coaching Spring/Summer Programs are available for sign up now.


*This is for ALL High School and College age student who want to build empowerment, confidence, and more consistently strong, positive mental mindset as a student and/or athlete.


Students will receive practical techniques, tools, tips, and awarenesses that elevate their confidence; deepen their focus; increase positive mindset on a more consistent basis, also diminished anxiety and depression.


They will coach one on one with me based on their specific concerns and aspirations.


I have an enormous passion for working with young adults. I would have LOVED to have had this knowledge, the tools, techniques, and awarenesses that I have now, when I was growing up!  This is a huge part of the reason that I am so passionate about what I do.


Having students embody this knowledge at the age they are, will enhance their life for years to come!


I am deeply honored to work with students and humbled at how truly amazing they all are in their own unique way. Every student, not only has a gift, but IS a Gift in and of themselves!  It is my #1 mission to make sure they know that!


Note: To be prepped for Fall Sports or start of Fall school year, Coaching Sessions need to begin no later than June 12.  Typically 6-8 Weeks prior to specific Sports / School Season is optimal.  


I have a max of 4 students per day. Space is limited. See below for more in depth details of what my coaching provides for your student / athlete.


Clear Stream Student / Athlete Coaching

You are a Gift. You are Important. YOU MATTER.

Individual Sessions are 75 minutes, $80.

Empowerment Program - 9 Sessions, $640 (Paid Upfront):

Includes: 8 weekly sessions, 1 follow up ( in person or phone session)


To be prepped for Fall Sports or beginning of Fall school year, Summer Program should begin no later than June 12.  (6-8 Weeks prior to specific Sports Season, Semester or specific event..)


Empowerment Coaching provides:

  1. Tools to Build up empowerment and confidence.

  2. Tools and awarenesses to increase mental and emotional strength.

  3. Techniques to ease anxiousness, stress and depression …

  4. Techniques to deepen clarity for college choices, college major and future career possibilities.

  5. Understand negative self talk & emotions and how to SHIFT to the Positive. This is vital for athletes and students. Negative, fear-based self talk, depletes confidence and self esteem on and off the field..  

  6. Segment Intending - Powerful!

  7. Visualization - Powerful!

  8. Grounding techniques to feel more calm, sure, and confident.

  9. Learn how to follow instincts and inspired impulses to make best decisions toward desired outcome.

  10. Healthy Boundary Protection/Communication. How to say *NO. How to say YES!! * An authentic NO, is a YES to Yourself! There is a lot of peer pressure out there. Healthy boundaries are crucial!


Come into deeper power, trust, love and worth of yourself…

"You are a gift. You are important. You Matter."




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