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Finding Your True Expression



What am I still vibrating that needs to shift expression?


  • Fear of Expression ...

  • Fear of Certain Social Situations  ...

  • Fear of Not Saying the Right Thing ...

  • Fear of New Experiences ...

  • Fear of ALL of the ‘Negative’ what if’s …


These were my fears not too long ago. I see some of them lingering a bit still… I let these fears have a hold on my life for a very long time and if I continue to hold them, vibrate them.... They will continue to play out in my life like a broken record.


How about you?


Any broken records playing over and over in your mind …
for far too long?


Is it time to turn off the old record player already?


Is it time to play a new tune and express from a new Source?


How about the Source deep within you?


What if you vibrated to a new tune from your Source within... The one that knows the truth about you, knows your true power, what to do with it and how to use it?? How might that be for you?


Let’s have 2017 be the year that we begin receiving new tunes, new melodies, new symphonies!


Your symphony will be yours, mine will be mine, and when we come together and blend the symphonies??? Can you imagine the beauty and magnificence of that!


I love the new symphony I have begun to play and I know you can do this too. I needed my own coaching and education in learning how and now it has become a part of my being. In other words, I truly live my coaching.


If you’d like to know more about how my coaching can assist you in writing your new symphony, you can read more about my story here. 




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