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The #1 Reason to Let Go of Fear in 2017


Have you been letting fear hold you back?


(Spoiler Alert) Holding back keeps everything
that you WANT out too!




Career Change

Health and well-being

Marital Decisions

Discovering your true passions,

Inner peace ...


Holding back from things we're afraid of seems safe,
but really, it is false security


The fear is still there. It hasn’t gone anywhere.

Deep down the ‘threat’ is STILL there!

You have just hidden it under the rug...


Holding back breeds more fear and pulls you
down deeper into your 'bunker'.  


And all the while, OUT there, UP in the sunshine, UP in the fresh air...

awaits your life, what you really want, and what you CAN have.  


What keeps you from letting go of fear?


Fear of Failure

Thinking you’ll get hurt

Lies you tell yourself:

It won’t work anyway so what's the point...

It's too scary..

I’ll screw it up...

I’ll get manipulated again...

Just forget it.


So we hold back and put up our safety wall.


Problem with that is, your safety wall also keeps OUT the very things you DO WANT.


The wall also keeps OUT the love you want,

the relationship you want,

the healthy body you want,

the delicious career that lights you up,

the liberation and the freedom of a fresh, new life!


I hear you saying to yourself,
“But it’s too scary! Bad things could happen!”


I say, “What if scary things don’t happen…

What if ...

What if It turns out just fine or even better than possibly imagined?

What if it actually liberates you and you feel freer than ever before?

What if??


What if you allow yourself to see the possibilities

of what it could be like on the other side of that wall?


What if you take one step out of your bunker,
and come into my c
oaching space?


What if you allow ME to be your SAFE space for a while.

Let me help you build up your own Inner Power and Clarity.


Contemplating change is scary.


What if it’s not as scary as you ‘think’?


What if you had a place, a space to breathe?

What if you had a rest stop where you could get clear

on what you feel you need and want for yourself?  


What if you could learn the tools and awarenesses
that could take you,

with more ease than ever before,

into the life you want… the life you truly deserve.”

And you do deserve it!


And how do I know this is all possible?

Because I’ve been there!


I’ve gone through it!

I have been there contemplating who am I other than …

being a mother, a wife, a school/sport/community/church volunteer ….


Who am I as an empty nester?

What am I even here for?

Do I stay or go ... leave my marriage?

Can I start a career that I’m passionate about at age 50?


Scared out of my mind.

Until ….


Fortunately, the tools and awarenesses that helped me

to the other side of letting go of my fears…  

I now use to teach to my clients to get them to
where they want to be.


And let me tell you, it’s fucking liberating  (yep it is!)  

The exhilaration for me to finally realize I am worth it!

I deserve to have the life I want and that not even the sky's the limit

to the joy I feel and can continue to feel!  


Guess what? You are worth it and you can have this too!

I can show you how to let go of your
fears and feel higher than you’ve ever felt.

Not kidding for a minute!


Take a leap of faith this year.


You don’t have to be fully ready. Just enough to walk in the door.

I’ll be there as many steps as you need on your journey to YOU.


Come in and experience what my sessions, my coaching is all about.

I guarantee you it’s like NOTHING you’ve ever done before.

You may say you’ve tried everything.

Well, you haven’t tried me.  :)

What if you did. xo





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