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After that energy session back on March 10th, I’ve been pondering the word SHACKLE...

I’m finding I really don’t like this word!  It’s feels strong and harsh. It makes me feel uncomfortable.
It is a good visual statement however. I turn to my trusty Thesaurus.




Hold back


Box up



Bottle up






How have I done these throughout my life?

How am I still restraining, or holding back, or hindering myself… hmm.


What and Who are the people, old habits, negative beliefs, autopilot responses and actions that I may still be allowing… that are holding me, hindering me, inhibiting me... from living, truly living the life I’m meant to live.


Not just a purposeful, serving the world life (although this is a very noble way to live) but a
joy-filled, satisfying, passionate, ready and eager for more, yummy life that, yes, also serves the world! And what does that even mean - serving the world?


First it starts off with serving myself. Finding what serves my soul! Unconditionally loving me and accepting me as I KNOW my soul does. This is serving to me! Old ways of believing I’m not good enough or smart enough or important enough is not! I must serve myself first. I must come to see more of who I am from my soul’s point of view. I release myself from the shackles, the imprisonment of old my ways of believing and come into a new point of view!  


Once you begin feeling this for yourself, you can’t not want to share it! So for right now, my sharing, my serving the world is in my coaching, which is one to one. And maybe to those moved to read my ‘ponderings.’


Oh, and a cool part of the thesaurus? The Antonyms. Released. Liberated. Free… Break free.


I hear my Riley’s words again, “Go be free, and free others.”  Yes. Let’s go.


And on that note… Are You Ready? Are there areas in your life that it’s time to ‘de-shackle’ from? I invite you to come Release… Liberate… and Break Free with me. This is your time!






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