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DE-SHACKLING Part 1 - ‘We never know the whole story of anything.’


On March 10, 2016 I had an Energy Touch Session. I know that these sessions are helpful in revealing what needs to come to the surface... to my awareness, to be seen and released. I was really feeling ready for some good awarenesses this afternoon...


At one point in the session I had the feeling of a shackle around my ankle. Mary asked me who I felt I was shackled to. My husband was the first to come into view. We are almost through our Collaborative Divorce process and although we aren’t living together and are beginning to move in new directions, I still feel the emotional hold in many ways. I was also feeling ‘shackled’ to my coaching school. I am so grateful for all that I learned for my certifications, and I’ve known all along that, while I will take the principles of this coaching modality with me, I will also be giving it my own personal signature...


Mary helped guide me through this ‘de-shackling’ awareness. First of all, am I ready to de-shackle? And if I am, can I find the gratitude for all I’ve learned and experienced and let them go in gratitude and with love? Yes. Absolutely. I feel beyond blessed for my experiences with Chip, so many wonderful memories and life growth, two amazing kids (ok, adults) … so many good things to see and remember as I allow myself to do so. The same goes with my Coaching school. I’m so grateful for all I learned with them. I’m so looking forward to sharing it with my clients, but with my own personal soulprint.


As Mary and I finished up the session, I was feeling much lighter. Then another realization hit me. I was also shackled to Riley. Riley is our 16 year old family black lab/beagle. Amazing that she had lived this long! I’ve always called her my miracle girl. With the things she has done and eaten over the years, she should have died at least ten times over! These last 6 months, there’s been a slow decline. Her hips more wobbly, eyesight less, hearing less, different eating habits… you get the idea.


I went home and immediately journaled a few thoughts about my session: Shackle at my ankle… giving them gratitude and sending them off in an effervescent bubble of love and gratitude. I allow Chip, HLC, Riley, a few more that came to mind, and even my kiddos, to detach, and be, and have their own journey. With gratefulness and appreciation of all of the good and the learning and the growth… I forgive and detach and send off with love.


That was Thursday, March 10. Over the weekend, Riley started taking a turn. It was  pretty evident by Monday night and especially Tuesday morning, that it was time for her to go. It may seem strange or not, but I felt like Riley chose her day. March weather in Michigan is tumultuous, predictably unpredictable and usually snowing. Not this day- bright, beautiful sunshine, light breeze, and 60 degrees!  All Riley wanted to do was be out in it. And so were we. We hoped to have Charlie come up from South Carolina, but that was not in the plans. I know Riley felt his love and presence...


We were blessed to have our long time dear friend, Renee Johnson, in contact with us all day. She works at Animal Hospital of Lowell, and was helping us find the best way for Riley’s transition. Riley passed at 6:30 pm, March 15, 2016. It was beautiful. It was full of love. It was full of grief. It was a relief to have her finally be free.


Free. Wow. It took the next day to realized that in my heart, just five days earlier, I had de-shackled Riley. A thought whizzed through my mind, Oh my God, did I just kill my dog! I needed to process what had just happened! I know I don’t have that kind of power. That’s ridiculous. But the guilt that poured into me was overwhelming. Deeply pained and sobbing, I contacted my friend and energy practitioner, Mary Johnson, to walk me through this. Slowly I began realizing and seeing in a new light...


We never know the whole story of anything. I will never fully know why Riley chose the day she did to transition, and so soon after my realizations… I do know Riley is out of pain and Free. I do know her leaving does allow for all of us to move on in new directions in our lives. I am ready to see all of the gifts she gave while she was alive, as well as, the gift of her transitioning. I will never forget her, and the tears will come many more times through the days of my life. It’s now up to me to live out her gift. I felt her say to me, “go be free, and free others.” I know this is a tremendous gift she has given and I intend to go live it.  I love you Riley. xo

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