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My personal journey…

Growing up I felt very shy, inhibited, and anxious. I remember at an early age thinking why me? Why am I like this and others aren’t? I often felt a subtle underlying feeling of sadness and hopelessness.


I remember thinking, “Well, I guess I’m just stuck this way.” (Hmm, self-limiting belief #...) I had a lot of shame and embarrassment around these thoughts and feelings. Not ever wanting anyone to know how I felt, I did what many do... I faked it. Anyone else been there? Yep, pretending I was ok. Pretending I had it all going just fine. While inside, not so much.*


It was strange that while I was feeling this way, there was also a feeling, although faint, that there was something more. I wasn't fully aware of the 'what' back then.  I now know it was my Inner Being, my Soul, my Higher Self (in truth the name does not matter) It was that ‘still small voice’ within, speaking to me, always unconditionally loving me and accepting me, always knowing the real truth of me... This voice had always been there.  I just couldn’t hear it over the negative, self-limiting, judgmental riff raff going on in my head.  


This voice was telling me there is another way,  I am so much more than I know. Those beliefs are NOT the truth about you. Hmm, what did that mean?  I was determined to find out! So I became a seeker. Dare I say, a ravenous seeker!  New ways of thinking and feeling slowly began emerging.

These new insights came from everywhere! Ultimately, it was all coming from the direction of my Soul. Following these Inner Soul Impulses is like having your own built-in navigational system. I love being in alignment with this! It is what led me to become a Spiritual & Life Empowerment Coach with a Soul -Centered emphasis. It leads me in my everyday life and my coaching sessions as well.


And what do I have now? A Deeper Soul Knowing. I am NOT my false, self-limiting, disempowering beliefs and never was. This liberation far surpasses what I can put into words. I am so much more! And so are you! I hope you will join me on this most exciting journey. My style of coaching is peaceful, grounding, empowering and nurturing. We were meant for a life of Joy, Wellbeing, and Deep, Deep Love.

Seriously! Let’s go!

Linda Strauss Anderson is Co-founder of JOY Undiluted, JOY Undiluted App, JOY Undiluted Directory, Life & Business Mentoring. She provides inspirational and intuitive mentoring to assist her clients in clarifying purpose, passions, and highest solutions towards living a deeply inspired, Feel Good life.